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Lair of the Unspoken One

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Violet L
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the separate realms
the light grows dim, the night creeps on. the child is waiting, her whimpers soft. she beckons you gently with a tiny hand, it's not too late turn back while you can. in violet's world the darkness reigns, sex and sedition, torment and pain. in the unspoken lair there is no escape, feast on the flesh and accept your new fate.

chase the wind and cross the sea, oh scared little child. leave behind reality and dance among the fire. turn away from dark and face the sun, sleep in his embrace. who cared for death when there is love waiting in this place? hide me here, i want to stay and run from that place, where no one cares and i'm always scared of just what they'll say.

pathetic girl, scared girl, it's better when you don't speak. run and hide inside your mind where we cannot see. dreams your dreams of everlong and singing phantom's song, never let the rage come out lest you should kill us all. one day dreaming will come and end and set your spirit free, until then sing your song, sorrow girl and me.

the real girl
the grid

in my field of paper flowers and candy clouds of lullaby. i lie inside myself for hours and watch my purple sky fly over me.

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